Is California Home Insurance Mandatory?

California home insurance is not mandatory, but it’s recommended, as it’s tough to qualify for a mortgage loan if you don’t have this form of policy in place. This is why so many Golden State residents do select homeowner’s insurance while they are in the process of arranging financing for homes or condominiums. While there are other great reasons to buy this type of insurance, getting a mortgage may top the list.

Other Reasons to Buy a Policy

Other advantages of homeowner’s insurance include protection against an assortment of home-related costs, including the theft of possessions within the home and damage from a fire or other natural disaster. Flood insurance is one type of natural disaster which isn’t usually covered, so be prepared to buy an extra policy for flood insurance if you do want to be protected from flood-related costs.

Where to Buy a Policy

You may buy a policy online or right in your own community. You’ll buy from an insurance company, whether you buy online or locally, so do shop around in order to see which companies have the strongest reputations, as well as the most practical policies and affordable premiums.

Coverage levels for California home insurance vary, so it’s important to check out a variety of policies in order to find one that has enough coverage to suit your requirements. In terms of insurance, you will usually get what you pay for. This means that you’ll need to shell out more in premiums when you buy a comprehensive policy. However, there are ways to save money on the cost of a California home insurance policy by comparing quotes, which may be collected online.

Look for online quote generators at insurance company websites. By adding a little information to these quote calculators, you’ll be able to access estimates which make it easier to isolate a truly great deal. We recommend collecting several quotes before buying a policy, as this is the smartest way to comparison-shop. While the cheapest policy may not always be the best, collecting quotes will give you the inside scoop on exactly how much you will need to pay.

Purchase a Policy Today

This non-mandatory form of insurance is a sensible investment which is designed to provide you with greater peace of mind. As long as you choose a good coverage level from a reputable insurance company you should avoid plenty of home-related expenses if trouble does arise after you buy a home. So, why not purchase a policy today?